Thursday, 28 May 2020

Teknaf, Bangladesh: A group of local goons gang raped a refugee woman from Nayapara UNHCR-registered camp while she was entering the camp on June 28, said a refugee elder from the camp.

“Satara Begum, 27, the ex-wife of Mohamed Yasim from block I/540/3, was gang raped by local men from Lada south village: Belal, Shohel, and another two persons, on June 28 at 9 pm while Satara was with two of her relatives.”

“Satara separated from her husband after she experienced some psychological problems. Her family members tried to give her treatment with traditional and modern systems. For this reason, the family members (her aunt and brother) had taken her to the doctor for a check-up. At the time of return, the accident happened near entrance gate no. 2 of the camp. No other people were around at that time,” said a refugee leader.

“It is very dangerous for females to enter from this gate at night, but Satara and her family members attempted to enter from this gate as the camp security has imposed restrictions on refugee for going outside.”

“The goons threatened the victim’s family members at knifepoint, and in front of them, the group raped her one-by-one,” said a relative of Satara Begum.

“The goons also stole 1,800 taka, two pairs of earrings, and one mobile phone.”

“We complained about the incident to the camp’s security personnel, and the concerned persons checked through the medical system.”

“The Camp-in-Charge (CIC), Saiful Islam Mujumder, forwarded a letter to the police station of Teknaf to have the personnel file a case.”

“In the camp, there is a security box to give security in the camp. Why didn’t the CIC register the case in the police box of the camp, and why did the CIC forward the letter to the police station?” asked another.

“Where is the UNHCR protection officer, and why don’t they help the refugees with problems like these, instead of only recording everything in a book without taking any action?”

“The UNHCR is fully responsible for the refugees with UNHCR registration in the camp. The refugees who are staying in the camp are trying to find refuge in Bangladesh because of discrimination in their homeland.”