Maungdaw, Arakan State: At present, Nasaka collaborator Ayas is engaged in unruly activities with the help of Nasaka personnel in Nasaka Area No. 6, and the people are suffering from acute difficulties in the area in front of the concerned authorities, said a local elder from the village who prefers not to be named. 

“Nasaka’s collaborator Ayas (32), son of Deen Mohamed, who hails from Paung Zaar Village of Maungdaw Township, has been giving harassment to the local villagers since long ago, but the concerned authorities let him to do so constantly, and even encourage him.”

“Master Dil Mohamed (50), son of Fazal Karim, who hails from Narai Bill West Village of Maungdaw Township, was arrested on July 13 by the personnel of Nasaka Area No. 6, which is under the control of Commander Major Nay Myo. The victim Deen Mohamed was alleged to have married one Ambia Khatoon secretly two years ago, and the victim has to pay 55 grams of gold to Ambia Khatoon. When she asked to receive the gold from her husband, there was a quarrel between them. This was false and fabricated case against the victim created by the Nasaka collaborator Ayas and appraised in front of the commander, Nay Myo.”

In reality, Master Dil Mohamed is a good man, all villagers respect him, and he has a wife and children. He did not marry Ambia Khatun, and she already has a husband named Imam Hussain. He now lives in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. However, the arrestee was brought to the Nasaka camp where he was severely tortured and detained without properly inquiring the matter whether it was true or false. The Nasaka commander has followed exactly what his collaborator said because they (the commander and Ayas) need money, said another local trader who declined to be named.

“However, the arrestee was released on July 14 after paying 2.5 million kyats. The following day, July 15, Nasaka Commander Nay Myo was transferred to Nasaka Area No. 9.”

“There is illegal relationship between Nasaka’s collaborator Ayas and Ms. Ambia Khatun since long after her husband left for Saudi Arabia. He also destroys many girls and women in the village with the help of Nasaka personnel.”

The real matter was: Ms. Laila Khatun (25), daughter of Ms. Ambia Khatun married to one Baser (30), nephew of victim Master Dil Mohamed, two years ago. Regarding the marriage, Baser has to pay 22 grams of gold to his wife Ms. Laila Khatun. When his wife asked him to pay her the gold, there was a quarrel between wife and husband. This was informed to Ayas by Ms. Ambia Khatun. Taking this advantage, Nasaka’s collaborator diverted the case to Master Dil Mohamed that Ms. Ambia Khatun has to get 55 grams of gold from the victim, Master Dil Mohamed, for his secret marriage with Ambia Khatun. As a result, the innocent Master Dil Mohamed was arrested by the Nasaka and had 2.5 million kyats extorted from him, said a schoolmaster from the locality.

Besides, the Nasaka collaborator also extracted 500,000 kyats from Ms. Ambia Khatun by giving a promise that he will pay her 22 grams of gold to her after getting the money from Master Dil Mohamed, said a relative of Ms. Ambia Khatun.

Another youth said, “Local people want exemplary punishment to be given to the Nasaka collaborator Ayas. Otherwise, the dignity of the Nasaka personnel will be lost.