Maungdaw, Arakan State: The Nasaka (Burma’s border security force) commander of Nasaka Area No. 5 of Maungdaw Township distributed cows to the Village Administration Office (VAO)’s head of said Nasaka area to breed or rear or raise in the village, said one of the village chairmen preferring not to be named.

“On July 25, Nasaka Commander Major Aung Hin Zaw provided cows to the VPDC chairmen of the Nasaka Area No. 5 of Maungdaw Township. The commander provided only one cow per chairman. There are 12 chairmen in the Nasaka Area No. 5 or Lonega Daung village tract, so the village head received 12 cows for said village tract.”

The other Nasaka areas of Maungdaw Township have not been provided with any cows. Therefore, the villagers believe that this is an experimental test for future plans, said a businessman from Maungdaw town who declined to be named.

“Before receiving the cows, the village head had to enter into an agreement that they will pay 500,000 kyats to the Nasaka as compensation if a cow dies or is stolen by someone.”

“Besides, the village head will have to pay 25 Taungs (one Taung = 14 kilograms) of paddy to the Nasaka per cow after six months as a fee for hiring a cow. This one cow will cost about 150,000 kyats. After six months, it will be returned to the Nasaka, and during this period, the cow will be looked after very carefully.”

This is a kind of money-making business created by Nasaka Commander Major Aung Hin Zaw. If the method is successful, the Nasaka personnel will invest more money among the local villagers in the future, a local elder said on condition of anonymity.

A schoolteacher said,” One village head has to pay 25 Taungs of paddy after six months without doing anything with the cow. What is the meaning of this? The village chairman will collect paddy from villagers to fulfill the Nasaka’s demand. After that, it is very risky to look after it from the thieves, and there is no guarantee it will be alive or dead.”

“What else the does the Nasaka want to do with Rohingya people? They have become toys as per the Nasaka’s wish,” said a local youth who did not mention his name.