Thursday, 09 July 2020

August 2011

Teknaf, Bangladesh: The refugee students are barred from going to local Junior High school by camp security police, said the parents of the student.  
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Teknaf, Bangladesh: Camp security police inspector seized a cow from Burmese refugees yesterday, at about 12:30, over the allegation that the refugees have no permission to slaughter cow in the camp, said a refugee committee member from the camp. 
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Maungdaw, Arakan State: Villagers of Nandakhali and Zambonia villages under Nasaka Area No. 9 of Maungdaw Township have been made to pay for rations for Nasaka personnel at two outposts since last month, said a local trader who declined to be named.
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Teknaf, Bangladesh: Bangladeshi goods are smuggled to Burma through the different points of Bangladesh-Burma border by smugglers recently, said a local trader from Teknaf.
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Teknaf, Bangladesh: Two Bangladeshi fishing trawlers were kidnapped by Burmese pirates from the Bay of Bengal while the said fishing boats were fishing in the bay from the nearby Saint Martin Islands, southwest of the Sera Islands, on August 17, at about 8 am, said Moktol Hussain, an owner of one of the boats.
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