Monday, 25 May 2020

Tekanf, Bangladesh: The bodies of two fishermen, one Bangladeshi and one Rohingya, were recovered at the Naf riverbank of Shapuri Dip under Teknaf Union yesterday, said a local from Teknaf.

On August 6, five fishermen went fishing in the river with a small engine boat from the east side of Shapuri Dip. The boat sank in the heavy rains and wind.

After the boat sunk, three of the fishermen were rescued by another fishing boat, but two went missing.

However, the two fishermen’s bodies were found at the Naf riverbank of Shapuri Dip after one day, said a fisherman.

A trader from Teknaf said, “Heavy rainfall has continued along the border area for three days. There is plenty of water around the roadsides and farmlands of locals.”

Mahabul Haqu, a police officer from Teknaf Police Station, confirmed that five fishermen went fishing with an engine boat, but their boat sank in the river. Three fishermen were rescued, but two were found dead.

Besides, three days of heavy rain has destroyed more than 50 residential huts in the unregistered Rohingya refugee camp of Kutupalong, a refugee committee member said.