Thursday, 28 May 2020

Maungdaw, Arakan State: Local people from Poungzarr Village Tract and nearby villages tracts raised their voice against a collaborator of the authorities, and complained to the Burmese border security forces’ headquarters, said an elder from Poungzarr.

Ahyas is a collaborator of Nasaka section commander of number six, the Tactical Operation Commander (TOC) of Buthidaungn, and works for the high level authorities in Maungdaw.

“Ahyas has harassed the local villagers by collecting tolls from the salt fields, forcing them to work on the construction of the border fence without paying any money to the locals with the help of the Nasaka commander of sector number six, and by collecting money with the named high level officer.”

“More than one hundred local people from various villages raised their voice against Ahyas for his harassment and forced collection of money during the first week of August.”

“The local people complained at the Nasaka headquarters. The case is now going to be nvestigated, but now Ahyas has organized another collaborator of the Nasaka, Zubir, to settle the case.”

“Zubir is also a collaborator of the Nasaka’s director who always makes settlements in any case which has gone to the headquarters.”

“Ahyas has collected millions of kyats from us through various allegations, and now we are not able to give any more money to him, and we need our freedom,” said a businessman from Maungdaw.

“We don’t know if we will get justice from the authorities against Ahyas, but we want to raise our voices against this collaborator.”