Thursday, 28 May 2020

Maungdaw, Arakan State: A Nasaka officer from Nasaka Area No. 6 of Maungdaw Township frequently goes to a local market named Kyauk Laggar and takes goods from the market without giving any money. When the shopkeepers ask for money, the officer beats them and returns to his camp, said one of the shopkeepers.

“The officer is identified as Captain Kyaw Naing from Kyauk Laggar Nasaka camp under the Nasaka Area No. 6 of Maungdaw Township.”

“For instance, on August 5, Captain Kyaw Naing went to the said market and took some goods from the shop of Eliyas (22), son of Ali Akbar, and the captain got the goods of the shop without paying money. When the shopkeeper asked for money for the goods, the shopkeeper was severely beaten in the market by the captain.”

In a similar way, on that day, the officer took some goods from Maulvi Boshir’s shop and did not pay any money. Besides, the officer also took some medicines from the shop of Mohamed Ali (30), son of Abdu Salam, and did not pay money. The shopkeepers fear reprisal from the captain if they ask money for their goods. So they did not ask for money from the captain, said another shopkeeper, preferring not to be named.

“On that day, the captain took away goods from 19 shops, without paying any money,” said a local trader.

“In addition, at that time, a serviceman of Mohamed Ali brought some medicines from Maungdaw for his shop. He was allegedly arrested by the captain over the allegation that he brought the medicines from Bangladesh. Though the arrestee showed the vouchers from the shops of Maungdaw where he bought the medicines, the captain denied it. However, at last, he was released after paying Kyat 20,000 to the captain.”

One of the shopkeepers said, “There is no law. The authorities are doing as they like against the Rohingya people because there is no action against the culprits.”

Regarding the matter, some of the shopkeepers appraised it to the concerned higher authority, but there has been no action against him, said a local elder.

A village elder said, “The authorities robbed the shops in the market and the shopkeepers were beaten when they asked for money. By this circumstance, how are the villagers able to do business in the market?”