Friday, 14 August 2020

Maungdaw, Arakan State: A military intelligent with a land survey officer are harassing a widow since last four month to snatch her home, said a village administration officer.

“The widow, Sawkina Khatoon hails from Labowza village and living in the place since fifty year and had taken refuge to Bangladesh at 1978 and returned back to her own place till now.”

“Military intelligent officer, San Win and Land survey officer, Ye Myint Sein, are harassing Sawkina for their collaborator Ismail.”

Ismail is demanding half of Sakina’s home where she living with the help of Military intelligent section from Maungdaw, said an elder from Labowza village.

“Sawkina reported to Major San Win Khine, the sector commander of the Burma border security force (Nasaka) number 6 about the harassing of military intelligent and the sector commander stopped snatching Sawkina’s land.”

Ismail was living in Bangladesh where he is informing to the military intelligent and was jailed in Bangladesh since last ten year and now established in Bangladesh, said a source from official.

“Ismail wanted Sawkina’s land to give his uncle with demanding that the land was the property of his father with the help of military intelligent.”

“I had taken refuge in Bangladesh and returned back to my village as per repatriation of Burma- Bangladesh agreement. Why they don’t complain for land when I was in Bangladesh?,” said Sawkina.

“I am fighting for my right and hope the law will help me.”