Friday, 14 August 2020

Maungdaw, Arakan State: A youth was arrested by the Nasaka (Burma’s border security force) on August 21, in Maungdaw Township over the allegation that his younger brother has been taking love affairs with a local girl six months ago, said a relative of the victim. 

“The arrestee was identified as Jamil (30), son of Karim, hail from Nari Bill east village of Maungdaw Township. He has no knowledge about his younger brother Salim that he has been maintaining a sweetheart in the same village. But, the authority did not appoint who is the girl.”

“On information, a group of Nasaka from Nari Bill Nasaka out-post camp went to his village to arrest Salim, but in absence of him, the Nasaka arrested his elder brother Jamil and was brought to the Naska camp where he was detained.”

“Nasaka asked him to pay Kyat 1.5 million for his release. But, the arrestee is not able to pay such big amount, so that he cannot be released.”

Whether the arrestee’s younger brother is involved in love affairs with the local girl or not, it will not be concerned to the elder brother. It is a nature, falls in love between boys and girls while they are growing up. Why the Nasaka has been barring love affairs between boys and girls only in Rohingya community. It is the law in Burma for the whole community or only for Rohingya community. What are the reasons behind it? , said a local elder from the village.

“Is it really true that they want to decrease Rohingya population growth in Arakan State, restriction of love affairs between boys and girls of Rohingya community? Why they extorts money by giving such allegation (love affairs) without getting any document.”  

Nasaka forces are living in the camp, how did they know, there is love affairs growing between Salim and a local girl. It is a really harassment against the Rohingya community because the Rohingya community will not get justice from the higher authorities if the community complained against the Nasaka personnel. Besides, they also know that they will not be punished by the higher authority, said a local youth not giving his name. 

Such giving allegations against the boys and girls, most of the youths have to flee from their motherland and girls became with bad name in local areas.

Many youths are upset by such allegation, they became boat-people and fled to Maylaysia with risky water way by tinny boats and some were arrested in foreign countries or died in the sea, said one of the fathers of youth on condition of anonymity