Chittagong, Bangladesh: Rohingya Community Ireland held a demonstration in Dublin in front of both British and Australian Embassies on 24th August, according to official source of Rohingya Community Ireland.

Demonstrators in front of Australian Embassy

“The demonstration was jointly organized by Burma Action Ireland and Bangladesh community in Ireland with the primary reason of showing the concern over the 16th July attack on Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh.”

Rohingya exposed Rohingya refugee in Bangladesh attacked by local villagers

The organizers exposed how local villagers from Fawliyapara attacked and robbed both registered and unregistered camps who are helpless and taking shelter, armed with knives, swords, wood and bamboo sticks, which led to injured more than twenty and destroyed many huts.

Rohingya demonstrators in front of Embassy

“The demonstration successfully underwent with the presentation of a letter and a copy of the report written by the Irish Centre for Human Rights to each ambassador.”

“Demonstrators were marched along the 20-minute walk towards Australian Embassy with holding postcard from British Embassy.”

Demonstrators carrying  postcard along the road to Embassy

Australian ambassador was away with duty while we demonstrated and the other British ambassador has given full attention on the concerns and issues raised by the community; and promised that he would prioritize and discuss the issues with the concerned personalities including the ambassador of Britain in Rangoon.

Two young Rohingya hold placard in front of Embassy

The demonstrators urged to work together with UNHCR, International communities, Burmese and Bangladesh governments to bring and solve the issues; among them were to recognize unregistered Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh, to cease forceful repatriation of Rohingya refugees to Burma, to end crimes on Rohingya and other ethnic groups in Burma, and to protect and provide basic needs for the refugees in Bangladesh.