Maungdaw, Arakan State: Burma’s border security force- Nasaka, squeezed a local youth to extort Kyat 700,000 in Maungdaw, on August 24, by giving allegation that he has been holding a mobile set illegally, said a close relative who preferred not to be named.

“The victim is Nur Harles( 20), son of Sayedur Rahman, hailed from Ngan Chaung Taung Ywar village under the Nasaka Sector  No.5 of Maungdaw Township.”

“He was arrested by a officer of Ngan Chaung Nasaka out-post camp of Nasaka Sector No. 5, on August 21, over accusation that he had a mobile set.  After arrest, he was detained at the out-post camp for two days and tortured to get confessional statement.”

“However, on August 23, he was sent to the sector commander office of sector No.5, and detained constantly there accompanied by torture to get money as early as possible.” 

However, he was released on August 24, in the evening after paying Kyat 700,000. It is not an easy matter to manage this huge money in a short time where Rohingya people have no jobs and earning sources. The victim’s father was compelled to sell his wife ornaments to manage this money, said a local elder from the locality.  

According to his close relative, “How can we survive by giving a big amount to the Nasaka by their created false and fabricated cases?”

“We have no place to put cases against the culprits to get justice” said another local elder.

“We become market for them, whenever they need money, they go and take the money from the local Rohingya community,” said a school teacher on condition of anonymity.