Sunday, 31 May 2020

Rathedaung, Burma: Forced labour has claimed a life in Arakan. A Rohingya labourer died in a Nasaka (Burma’s border security force) camp while he was being forced to work in the camp without food, a close relative of the deceased said.
The labourer was identified as Obiadullah (40) son of Nur Mohammed, hailing from Koe Tan Kauk village-tract in Rathedaung Township, Arakan State, Burma.
On July 1, Obiadullah was brought by Nasaka personnel for construction work in the camp. He was working in Nasaka camp No. 18 the whole day without rest, another labourer who was also working in the camp said.
On July 10, his relatives received information from other local people who were also working in the camp that Obiadullah had died in the Nasaka camp.  But Nasaka did not care to inform his relatives.
Villagers believe that he died of torture because his body bore many marks.
His relatives went to the Nasaka camp and found Obiadullah’s body. The Nasaka handed over the body to his relatives saying that he died of a mysterious disease. The Nasaka ordered the relatives to bury the body immediately and also warned the villagers not to talk about the death to other authorities.
After taking the body to his village, the villagers buried Obiadullah in the village cemetery.
His wife said,” I have four children and have no income except what my husband earned. How can I look after my family?”
The villagers are very poor and are not in a position to file a case against the Nasaka.