Monday, 25 May 2020

Rathedaung, Arakan State, Burma: A Rohingya youth was arrested by Nasaka (Burma’s border security force) for his alleged involvement in a rape and had to given into extortion of Kyat 80,000, said a trader in the village.

The accused has been identified as Nabi Hussain (27) son of Ullah Meah of Kudan Kuak (Dun Say Para) village, Rathedaung Township.
On July 1 he was summoned to the Nasaka camp No.25 in Nasaka area Number 8 and was detained. He was accused of being involved in a rape case. But the Nasaka authorities did not tell him who the victim was.
The accused Nabi Hussain denied being involved and said that he had not committed the crime. He also asked the Nasaka that if the rape case was true who the victim was? He asked for her name. Bu, the Nasaka did not mention any name.
“It is very strange. Without mentioning the victim’s name a youth is arrested and accused of rape and is released after paying a bribe,” said a village elder. 
Nabi Hussain was released after bribing Kyat 80,000 to the Nasaka on July 5.
According to villagers, any one arrested by Nasaka, whether he is involved in a crime or not, is not released without paying money.