Sunday, 31 May 2020

Ukhiya, Bangladesh: Police personnel from Kutupalong registered camp are now harassing the unregistered refugees, said a refugee on condition of anonymity.

“Janal, camp police officer with accompanied by other police personnel go to unregistered refugee camp at night where they police arrest refugees with different false allegation.”

The arrested refugees were detained at camp police box where the police officer demands money 1000 – 3000 taka for release; arrestee was tortured if refused, a closed aide of police.  

“Md. Hussain (27), Shajan (26) and Md. Salam were arrested recently, but released after taking money.”

Abdul Hoque, the elected Government official member of Kutupalong area, summoned some selected unregistered refugees and advice the refugees to stay peacefully and not to quarrel in the camp, if any accident happens, solve it within the refugees under religious leader since last month, according to an elder from camp.