Teknaf, Bangladesh: Two refugee youths from Nayapara camp were arrested by camp security police yesterday by false accusation, said a refugee leader from the camp.

“Noor Nabi (27), son of Shamshu Alam and his younger brother Abdul Nabi (14) are living in Nayapara camp of MRC No. 0310, Shed No.974 and Room No. 6 where the two brothers establish a small grocery.”

The local youth frequently visits the shop after quarrel and become friends. After that the local youth informed to the police to arrest Noor Nabi over allegation that he had involved in Yaba tablets, said the family member of the victims. 

“The local youth, Hussain put secretly three Yaba tablets inside a match’s box inside the shop and inform to the police about the location of Yaba as he want to take revenge for previous quarrel.”

“Mohamed Hussain, a local youth with Noor Nabi were walking in the camp while a group camp security personnel led by Inspector Nurul Islam suddenly swooped the two youths to the police box inside the camp yesterday, at about 7:30pm.”

“Mohamed Hussain was managed to flee on the way to the police box where the police in pretending of unknown,” said a friend of arrestee. “He is the partner of the police to create this tragic plan.”

After arrested, Noor Nabi was brought to his shop with two police personnel, when they arrived at the shop, the two police personnel entered the shop and found the three Yaba tablets inside a match’s box. At that time Nabi’s younger brother, Abdul Nabi was selling goods in the shop. The police personnel also arrested Abdul Nabi and sent them to the Teknaf police station for further investigation, said an elder from the camp.

“However, yesterday, the police Inspector Nurul Islam took bribe Taka 10,000 from the family members of arrestees to release the victims. But, after getting money, the police inspector sent the arrestees to the Teknaf police station.”

“Refugee camps become like Arakan state. IN Arakan state, Nasaka (Burma’s border security force) puts mobiles or Yaba tablets in Rohingyas’ homes secretly through their agents and are arrested, tortured and extorted money from the Rohingya villagers.”

Recently, the local Bengali papers wrote about refugees that the refugee camps are becoming Yaba tablets center and there are many corruptions are going on, such as--- theft, robber and looting etc. The Bangladesh concerned authority harasses the refugees in many ways to repatriate them to their motherland, said a refugee on condition of anonymity.