Tuesday, 26 May 2020

Chittagong, Bangladesh: The General Secretary of Burmese Rohingya Association (BRA), UAE and Prominent Maulana Shamsul Alam passed away (Inna Lillahi-Wainna illaihi Rajeoon) on September 20, at Ajman, UAE, with heart failure, at the age of 60, according to Dr. Mohammed Ali, Coordinator for funding, Arakan Rohingya Union (ARU).

“Maulana Shamsul Alam was admitted at Khalifa Hospital, Ajman before his death. His Namaze-e-Janaza was held at Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan Masjid, Ajman, UAE, on September 21 after Asar Prayer.”

Maulana Shamsul Alam hailed from Shill Khali village of Maungdaw Township, Arakan State, Burma and the Vice- Chairman of Burma Center for memorization of Holy Quran, Dubai, and UAE.”

He was the son of  Abdul Qader and also son-in-law of Tajmuluk, the ex-village headman of Bowli Bazar village tract of Maungdaw Township.

He left behind sons, daughters, his wife and a lot of relatives and friends in Arakan, abroad and elsewhere in the world to mourn his death.

He attended the first Rohingya Convention held in the OIC Headquarters from May 3o to May 31, 2011 in Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

One of the sons said, “You have departed from us but never from our heart and soul.  We feel your presence each and every moment in our life.”