Tuesday, 26 May 2020

Ukhiya, Bangladesh: An unregistered refugee from Kutupalong makeshift camp was abducted by local goons at Link-road while he was going to Cox’s Bazar on September 25, according to a refugee elder from the camp.

“Malana Abdu Rahim, 30, son of Abu Shama, the unregistered refugee, was abducted on September 25.”

“Some refugee who are working on rickshaw pulling in the area of Link-road, saw the accident and informed to the camp for further process.”

According to family sources, Rahim is going to Cox’s Bazar or out of the camp for searching job as an Imam of Mosque for his family survival.

“We don’t know why the local goons abducted Rahim who is living as simple family head to try to pay attention for his family members survival only,” said a friend of Rakhim from camp.

The family also said that they have no information of Rahim since last Sunday.

As an unregistered refugee, didn’t able to file the case in Ukiya police station.