Wednesday, 27 May 2020

Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh: Bangladesh Border Guard (BGB) personnel from Battalion No. 17 of Cox’s Bazar seized I.897 kg heroine worth about Taka 3.8 million from a vehicle at Moulvi Bazar on February 18 evening which was plying on Chittagong-Cox’s Bazar high way, said a close aide of BGB of Cox’s Bazar preferring not to be named.

Being tipped-off, a team of BGB personnel under command of Lt. Col. Khalakuz Zaman raided the vehicle and found seven packets of heroin in a black bag, but, no one was arrested as the smugglers managed to flee seeing the presence of the border guards, according to BGB official.
The BGB personnel seized the vehicle, which number is (Moulvi Bazar) - H-11-0056.

It will be destroyed in front of the public, after investigation, and a case will be also filed at Cox’s Bazar police station, said the BGB commanding officer. 

Local people from Burma and Bangladesh surprised for heroin is smuggled to Burma at present as it generally came to Bangladesh from Burma.

People of the both countries believe that some technology and system which are able to make Yaba tablets are present in the north Arakan, said a local trader from Teknaf.

One man who is denied to say his name said that some of the Moni Puri (Kasey) people have been living since 12 years ago in Burma border security force (Nasaka) area No.2 of Maungdaw. Their houses were built in the jungle and nobody is allowed to go there.  Sometimes, they went to Maungdaw town for marketing. They speak in English, Urdu and Hindi. They are looked like very gentle and they have expensive watches on their hands and golden chains in their necks. Burma’s border security force (Nasaka) gives them full security.

Local people believe that they grow poppy plants and make Yaba tablets in the jungle, otherwise they have no works, said a villager who is living in Nasaka area No.2. 

Burmese authorities are still earning huge money from heroin business though they said that they were destroying the poppy plantation in Shan state and other areas, said another businessman from Maungdaw town.