Tuesday, 26 May 2020

Maungdaw, Arakan State: Local people from Myoma Kayoungdan (Sekda para) village blocked traffic police personnel while they tried to extort and harass a religious leader who raiding a motorbike on February 25, said a teacher from Maungdaw.

“Local people blocked the traffic police personnel when the police stopped and tried to take the motorbike and raider – a religious leader - to their station. When the local surrounded the police personnel and the police left the motorbike and raider and escaped from the surrounded area to their place on February 25 evening.”

The bike raider was Moluna Mohamed Hamid hails from Maungdaw south.   

“The traffic police personnel from Maungdaw traffic police station are harassing and extorting money from Rohingya community since long while the Rohingya who raided motorbike and now the traffic police started to harass and extort money from Rohingya religious leader,” said a student from Maungdaw.

The traffic police personnel are watching the motorbike raider and stopped the raider from their station. The traffic police personnel searched the raider body and then asking the vehicle paper and driving license. It is only for Rohingya community not for Rakhine community, said an elder from Myoma Kayoungdan village.

“The traffic police station is situated in our village and we are seeing every action from traffic police personnel to Rohingya. The police didn’t do any action against the Rakhine community.”

The traffic police station was controlled by Assistant Inspector Thaung Hay.