Thursday, 13 August 2020

Buthidaung, Arakan State: Police personnel from Buthidaung arrested family members of wanted person while the police unable to arrest the wanted person in Buthidaung on March 6, said an elder from Buthidaung.

“U Ba Pyu, Sub Inspector, surveillance officer from Buthidaung police station with the help of collaborators – Hashim and Nurul - arrested Zubir with allegation of holding illegal mobile phone (Bangladeshi). But he escaped from police with handcuffs while the police were taking him to the police station.”

U Ba Pyu requested the family members of Zubir to hand over his handcuffs which Zubir had taken with him, when the family members failed to hand over the handcuffs, the police arrested Zubir’s family members – Ismil, Nurul Islam, Zuhura, Ahsha and Rehena, said a closed members of Zubir’s family.

“The Police officer U Ba Pyu demanded kyat one million each to release the family members.”

It is very surprised and unlawful, arresting the family members while police failed to arrest the wanted person, said a politician from Buthidaung.

“In northern Arakan, the authority is making the law what they want for Rohingya community,  not for other community.”

“The allegation was false and Zubir has no Bangladeshi mobile phone, the collaborators want to harass and distribute Zubir with the help of police,” said a school teacher from Buthidaung.