Thursday, 09 July 2020

Ukhiya, Bangladesh: The newly appointed makeshift camp committee beat a Rohingya refugee family-wife and husband- without any reason on March 14, said Mohamed Ullah , an elder from the Kutupalong makeshift camp.

“The committee – Abu Siddique (Chairman), Rafique (Member) and Ayub (Member)- beat a refugee family –Mohamed Amin and his wife-  where the family member become seriously wounded.”

The camp committees were collecting the refugee lists in the camp as per the ordered of camp-in-charge (CIC) of UNHCR registered refugee camp of Kutupalong, but the committee members also collecting money from refugee if they listed. The committee members didn’t enlist the refugee who refused to pay the money to them, according to a refugee leader from the camp.

“Mohamed Amin, a former committee member asked the enlisting group about their behavior on the refugee and request to enlist all who are living in the camp since long. There was an argument between Amin and enlisted group (committee members).”

The committee chairmen, Abu Siddque, ordered to his committee members to beat Amin and there were a quarreled where the committee members brutally beat Amin. The wife of Amin tried to save her husband from the quarrel, but the committee members also severely beat her. The two victims become seriously wounded for beating, said Asma Begum, a female refugee from the camp.

“The camp committee members and chairman escaped from the spot when the refugee near by the event rushed to the spot.”

The camp committee informed to the CIC that the refugees were trying to beat them while they collecting enlists. The CIC sent the camp security officer to the spot and found that the committee made the problem and the officer returned back, said a religious leader from the camp.

“The committee are harassing refugee every corner to extort money from refugee with the help of CIC as the committee used huge money to get the position of camp committee.”