Tuesday, 26 May 2020

Maungdaw, Arakan State: The Islam religious of Muslim is facing trouble in performs of religious duty within this month while non-Islam religious are enjoying their religious water festival (Thingyan) in Maungdaw, said an elder from Maungdaw.

“The non-Islam religious (Buddhist) water festival has been going in Maungdaw from April 11 to 18 where the Township authorities had built two stages- one in front of District Administration office and another one is beside (with boundary) the Maungdaw big Mosque (Juma Mosque)- where the most of the non-Islam religious people  enjoy and taking participate in the water festival.”

“The stage which built in front of District Administration office had no problem for Islam religious people, but the stage which built along the boundary of the Juma Mosque has been facing so many problems within the period of water festival.”

The stage open music in loud which made very difficult for devotees who perform their religious pray times as the stage didn’t low down the sound while the Muslim are praying in the mosque. The regime declared to the world that no religious persecution in Burma but, in Maungdaw where Rohingya community are resided always facing difficult – every year one stage was built along the boundary of the Mosque- in their religious (Islam) performed, said a religious leader  from Maungdaw.

This year, from April 11 – 14, the town authority had given permission for water festival to non Rakhine community (all government staffs) and from April 16-18 for Rakhine community. In the period of Rakhine community period, the Rakhine delivered anti Rohingya propaganda songs and poems which may become quarrel between two community (Rakhine and Rohingya), the leader said.

“The stage water is going to the prayer place where the devotees had prayed in the place.”

Similarly, Kachin News group mentioned, a group of about 30 monks and dozens of their followers destroyed a Muslim mosque which is constructing in the Shan Kone quarter of Seng Tawng in Kachin state's jade-rich Hpakant Township in northern Burma on April 12 at about 4:00pm, according to eyewitnesses. “Within about 8 hours most of the building was destroyed.”

It is unclear if the group of monks and their supporters in Seng Tawng were encouraged by government authorities to take such provocative action as they did on Thursday.  Previous acts of communal violence that have taken place in Burma are alleged to have been orchestrated by government agent provocateurs, according to Kachin News Group.

In the same way, http://taqwaone.wordpress.com mentioned one Mosque and ten Muslim residents were destroyed and looted their property in Kanma Township, Magway division on April 13 at night by local Buddhish community.  Another Muslim hail from Raynanthan village near Kanma Township, U Thein Lwein’s resident was destroyed by local Buddhist people on April 14, said a victim who fled from Kanma to Thayak Township.

“The Buddhist male destroyed the house of Hajeema Daw Wawa and the female had taken goods from the house. The local had taken from the resident 1144 gram of Gold and 8 million kyat.”

Two local people had beaten cruelly a Muslim man who visited  Kanma Township on April 15 while Muslim community reported to the police station, but, the police didn’t filed the First Information Report (FIR), according to http://taqwaone.wordpress.com.