Monday, 25 May 2020

Maungdaw,Arakan State: Police personnel from Mawrawaddy village outpost had beaten a Rohingya beggar  on April 20 in the evening  and died in the hospital at about 9:00pm,said a village administration office member.

Hussein, the Rohingya beggar in the hospital after dead

“The Rohingya beggar- Hussein- is living a village of Alay Than Kyaw who is begging for money for his survival around the village near the Alay Than Kyaw.”

Hussein had crossed the police outpost after begging in the villages and had returned to his village in the evening of April 20 where the Rakhine community had come and enjoying for their water festival in Alay Than Kyaw from every corner of Maungdaw township. All the Rakhine community was also drunk at that time. The outpost police officer- a sergeant - San Hla Baw who beat the beggar severely without any question until the beggar become unconsciousness, said a village who is the eyewitness from the village.

Assistant Inspector, Win Than Oo- the outpost officer in charge- had taken the beggar to the Alya Than Kyaw hospital for treatment but the beggar died in the hospital at about 9:00pm at night, said a staff of hospital who deny to name.

The beggar is an old man who begs for money or foods in the village by village to survival his family as he was old age and not able to work hard. He never asked the sergeant for money or foods. He was only passing in front of outpost and the sergeant had beaten the beggar until dead. Why? One things, he is Rohingya and not a Buddhist, said the hospital staff.

In Maungdaw, the government staff – police and Nasaka (Border security force) – didn’t care the Rohingya as a human. Whenever they want to do some things against the Rohingy they don’t care any law. What they say is the Law, said a student from Alay Than Kyaw.