Monday, 25 May 2020

Cox’Bazar, Bangladesh: Two Rohingya women were missing after local people picked up from the Kutupalong unregistered refugee camp on April 20, according to an elder refugee from the camp.

“The local people who hail from Ali Zalal village with other local went to the camp for searching of a Rohingya house maid –working in their house and run away from home – where the local didn’t see the maid and the local picked up an old lady and young girl from the shack of Hussein Ahmed.”

The maid, Ms.Ohmaizan, a Rohingya maid working in a house of Ali Zalal village of Cox’s Bazar is a close relatives of Hussein Ahmed. The Hussein’s family visited the local resident where Ms.Ohmaizan worked and the local also know the location of Hussein, according to Hussein Ahmed.

The owner of Ms.Ohmaizan suspected the Hussein family after the maid run away from his house. So, he and other local went to the unregistered refugee camp and searched the shack of Hussein for Ms.Ohmaizan. But, they fail to find the maid and then charged the Hussein family. The local forcefully picked up the family of Hussein. The local left Hussein in the Kutupalong for weakness of his health.  But, the local picked up Yasmin ,50 years, the wife of Hussein and Ms. Anowara , 20, the daughter of Hussein, said Anno who is the eyewitness for the event.

“The local had beaten severely the two refugee women while the refugee refused to go with them. No refugee had protected the women or camp committee.”

“The local picked up the two refugees on April 20 at about 6:30pm and after that no one had information where about the two refugee. Hussein who is very poor and an old man, can’t able to follow his family where about,” said a refugee woman from the camp.

The Hussein family didn’t take any responsibility for Ms.Ohmaizan and had not sent her to the local resident. The only things is the family visited the resident and introduced themselves as relatives. Why the local picked up the two women? They can complain to the concerned authority to find the maid, said an elder from refugee camp.