Tuesday, 26 May 2020

Maungdaw, Arakan State: The National League for Democracy (NLD) has opened a branch office in Maungdaw Township – a border town of Burma with Bangladesh and the border town of northern Arakan state, on April 25 at about 8:00am, according to a student who attended the opening ceremony of NLD New office.

The acting Chairman of NLD of Arakan State, U Maung Pwa Aung, inaugurated the office opening ceremony and addressed the opening speech in the ceremony, he said.

“We have opened our offices here in order to increase the support of the people to our party so that we can work out our main policy of developing democracy for the people of our country”, said U Maung Krun Aung.

“The NLD has already opened offices in most the townships of Arakan State and has a plan to open offices in all townships in Arakan State, to organize the people to get votes in the region for the 2015 election. Now, we are able to open our office in Maungdaw where most of population is “Kala” and I personally thank all you who join with us in this opening ceremony.”

In the opening ceremony, U Aktar Hussein as a master of ceremonies and U Maung Pwa Aung as a chairman where more than 100 people attended with 30 special gusts – political party, town authority, police, Nasaka (border security force) and some Rohingya elders, according to a former NLD member from Maungdaw.

“U Maung Pwa Aung (acting chairman), Daw Kyaw Nyo Aye (women affair), U Aung Pan Tha and San Aye Shwe Tun are the Arakan State NLD executive committee who came from Akyab for this ceremony and U Fazal Ahmed, Master Kalaputu, U Aktar Hussein, U Nurul Haque, U Abdul Husson, Master Husson, Dr.Nawzumuddin, U Towfil Ahmed, Daw San Ye and more attended from Maungdaw Township.”

In the meeting, the acting chairman U Maung Pwa Aung had formed a acting committee for Maungdaw township under the leadership of Master Kalaputu. The permanent executive committee for Maungdaw Township will form soon.

The new NLD office is situated at 2nd floor of U Shamshu’s resident, Jetty road, Maungdaw.