Tuesday, 26 May 2020

Maungdaw, Arakan State: Rohingya villagers from Oo Doung in Maungdaw south killed a Burmese border security force (Nasaka)’s collaborator and a member of village administration member on April 25 at about 7:30pm, according to a village elder from village.

“U Assawdullah, the member of village administration and also a collaborator who is working under village administration officer U Tin Maung and area Nasaka out post.”

“U Assawdullah is a notorious and harassing villagers in the name tolls for Nasaka and other official.”

In the period of Buddhist water festival, he and his master village administration officer had collected money for are Nasaka post for water festival. The collaborator ordered with the power of Nasaka to pay 2500 kyats from each home. But, some poor villagers had not able to demand money.  The collaborator called Nasaka personnel and had been beating the villagers and harassment going on to the villagers, said a trader from the village.

“Rashid Ullah ,a villager who is main victim of Assawdullah, the collaborator  was beaten severely as the collaborator accused him as leader of village not to give toll for Nasaka.  Nasaka  took him to the outpost and kept there for one day and released after taking 10,000 kyat.”

The Nasaka and the collaborator always harassing and beaten Rashid Ullah where he lost so many money and some of his property. On the sunset of April 25, Rashid Ullah and other two villagers forcefully picked up the collaborator from his house to near the jungle where he was hanged there until dead, according to administration office member.

The police and Nasaka are looking Rashid Ullah, but he escaped from the village and hiding somewhere.  Police file a case against Rashid Ullah, according to an officer from Police.

The villagers said they will be sleep well now as the collaborator is no more and no one can do same as collaborator.