Thursday, 28 May 2020

June 2006

Maungdaw, Burma: The word ‘force’ is synonymous with many things in Burma. Development is one of them. Read more: Bridge built with people?s sweat and money in Arakan
Rangoon, Burma: The Deputy Minister for Religious Affairs and Central Executive Committee member of (USDA), Brig-Gen Thura Aung Ko visited Arakan State on May 28, according to official sources. Read more: Religious Affairs Deputy Minister visits Arakan State
Maungdaw, Burma: A primary schoolteacher was arrested by the Burmese Army on May 18 on charges of smuggling rice to Bangladesh and severely tortured. He is now under medical treatment at the Nasaka camp of Aley Than Kyaw, Maungdaw Township, reports our correspondent. Read more: Army arrests and tortures schoolteacher
Chittagong, Bangladesh: Every year about 200,000 tons of fertilizer is smuggled to Burma and India from Bangladesh, said our Dhaka correspondent. Read more: Two hundred thousand tons of fertilizer smuggled to Burma and India annually
Maungdaw, Burma: There is no dearth of excuses by the military establishment in Burma to make money from extortion. Read more: Sarapa on extortion spree from Arakan village