Thursday, 28 May 2020

Buthidaung, Burma: The appalling lack of medical facilities for the poor and the apathy of the Burmese military regime, has again come to the fore with malaria claiming the lives of three children from one family in Arakan State. The children---Anuwar Hossain (10) Anuwara Begum (7), and Rahima Khatun, (3) hailed from Pand Zee village- tract of Buthidaung Township.  Nurul Islam’s children -- Anuwar Hossain died on May 21, Anuwara Begum on May 29 and Rahima Khatun on June 3. The children did not receive any medical treatment from the government health department. Nurul Islam tried to save his three children but he could not afford the cost of treatment given his poverty stricken condition.  Khairul Hossain (19) son of Suna Ali hailing from Mee Gyaung Zay village-tract in Buthidaung Township, has is being treated for TB in Buthidaung government hospital and is paying the costs to the doctors over the past month. Similarly Abu Sayed (40) son of Ahamed Hossain hailing from Mee Gyaung Zay village-tract in Buthidaung Township has been suffering from malaria and is being treated since May 25 without any support from the government’s health department.  The village the three children belonged to is near the mountains in northern Arakan.