Maungdaw, Burma: The Dakasa (Director of Regional Administration) in Sittwe recently ordered Nasaka to send a list of their family members and dependents and the estimated requirement of paddy for 2007 as rations, according to official report. Dakasa also asked the Burma’s Border Security Force (Nasaka) to send an estimate of the production of paddy. Nasaka had already seized about 1,555 acres of farmland for growing paddy during the rainy season from the villagers of Maungdaw and Buthidaung Townships official reports said. According to official sources, 540 acres are to be cultivated on Nasaka land, 495 acres on farmland outside Nasaka’s jurisdiction, 100 acres by Nasaka themselves and 420 acres on other cultivable land accounting for a total of 1,555 acres of paddy to be grown in 2006. The estimated production of paddy is about 23,440 Tanns (I Tann = 35 kg) in 2007, in all Nasaka areas. There are nine Nasaka areas in Maungdaw, Buthidaung and Rathedaung Townships. The Nasaka area number one to nine is in Maungdaw Township and the Nasaka area number nine is in Buthidaung Township including some parts of Rathedaung Township. The family members of Nasaka will need about 26,928 Tanns in 2007. Therefore, they will need an extra 3,488 Tanns in 2007. Wives, children and other dependents (over 12 years) of Nasaka personnel account for about 964 members. Those under 12 year are of age total 988 members, which make it 1,952 members in all. These farmlands were forcibly confiscated from villagers and paddy is grown for Nasaka with forced labor. During harvesting, the villagers have to do all the work such as harvesting or reaping and thrashing the paddy.