Monday, 25 May 2020

Rangoon, Burma: Lt-Gen Thein Sein, National Races Secretary-I of the SPDC addressed students at the graduation ceremony in the degree college in Dagon Myothit Township on June 11. He met students who obtained BA, B.Sc degrees and AGTI diploma from Nationalities Youth Resource Development Degree College in Rangoon.  Lt-Gen Thein Sein said that today is an auspicious day for Nationalities Youth Resource Development Degree College (NYRDDC) under the Ministry of Progress of Border Areas and National Races and Development Affairs. The government is undertaking development projects in border areas and among national races initiated in 1989 and in 17 years it has achieved more success than expected.  To restore peace and stability in the border regions, the government has built necessary social and economic infrastructure. But the most important thing is to inculcate the spirit of the Union among the national races in order to maintain peace and stability in the regions, he stressed.

“The Union of Myanmar has been a nation with various national races residing in the country together in unity and amity. Throughout history, all national races have shared mutual sympathy and understanding, love and kindness and relationships between each other,” he added.

True patriotism means the nation needs to respect the spirit of the Union no matter which part of the country people live in. All have to work hard to catch up with the international community and for the Union to stand tall so long as the world exists.
 In order to raise the living standards of the people by making use of the infrastructure the State built and the natural resources, measures are also being taken for enhancement of knowledge and education of the people in border areas. At present, internal and external elements are committing destructive acts to destroy peace and stability and jeopardize the Union. Their plot revolves around attacking the government through aboveground and underground tactics. Even though they are committing destructive acts, the nation is on the path of development owing to concerted efforts of the government and the people.  There are Kayah, Kayan. Kayin, Naga, Palaung, Padaung, Pa-O, Rakhine, Lahu, Kachin, Chin, Danu, Naga, Palaung, Pa-O, Mon, Myaungzee, Shan, Lahu and Wa nationals who are degree holders from Nationalities Youth Resource Development Degree College of Rangoon.

In conclusion, the Secretary-I called on the students to strive to distinguish the evil attempts of the destructive elements.
 When asked AFK Jilani, the organizing secretary of NLD of Arakan State said, “According to his speech, if they implement what he says, Burma surely will become a multi-flowered garden Why has the Burmese military launched fresh offensives against the Karen people, causing more than 1,500 people to flee their homes during the monsoon under difficult conditions? They are also in to a campaign of terror against Karen villagers killing, torturing and raping hundreds of villagers.”Hla Aung, the president of NDPHR (in exile) said, “SPDC authorities have always deceived the Burmese people as well as the international community and even UN representatives, since 1988. They held elections in 1990, and did not hand over power to the elected party NLD and Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, NLD leader has been detained. What is wrong about her? So, there is no logic in the speech.” Meher Ali, a politician inside Arakan said, “The SPDC authorities make some developments particularly in communication such as some construction of bridges and some roads across the country. But, most of the works have been done by forced labour and extortion. But SPDC is crying itself hoarse that they had completed many development projects in the border areas across the country. But, under the guise of Ministry of Progress of Border Areas and National Races and Development Affairs, they have been destroying education, economy, properties and culture of minorities in border areas.  They create hundreds of thousands of refugees, who are taking shelter in neighbouring countries, make thousands of HIV/AIDS carriers and flood neighbouring counties with drugs (heroin). Are these the developments of SPDC in border areas?”