Monday, 25 May 2020

Teknaf, Bangladesh: A Rohingya woman was gang raped by four local goons in the border area of Shapuri Dip union of Teknaf under the Cox’s Bazaar district, reports our correspondent. The victim identified as Rahima Khatun (25) is Habibur Rahaman's wife and hails from Aley Chaung (Ali Young) village-tract in Buthidaung Township. They came to Bangladesh from Burma to escape the ruling junta’s brutality and have been living in the border area of Shapuri Dip over the last six months by renting a house. Her husband Habibur Rahaman has two wives. He has arranged for two separate houses for his wives. Frequently, he stays with his wife Rahima Khatun. She has three children who live with their mother. On May 15, Habibur Rahaman did not stay with his wife Rahima Khatun at night. Learning that he was not home, four local goons went to her house at midnight and entered by breaking open the door. The four goons had gang raped the woman. “I am unable to make hue and cry while I am attacked by the goons as I am put to my mouth with rag cloth,” the victim said.  The owner of the house Mohammed Hossain heard about the incident and went to spot the following morning where he found an unconscious Rahima Khatun.  He rushed the victim to the government hospital where she was admitted but remained unconscious for two days. While she has regained consciousness she is still in hospital for further treatment, the doctor at the hospital in Teknaf said. Rahima Khatun narrated the incident to the police in Teknaf Police Station and identified all her attackers. The four were arrested immediately by the police.  However, police released them later. It is alleged that the officers at the Police Station took bribes from the goons who local residents consider influential people of the village. Instead the police are now trying to put the blame on other innocent people to shield the four identified suspects and cover up the alleged bribery issue.  “Now, we are living in previous rent house and local goons threaten us not to proceed the case, if we (victims) continue the case, we will meet dire consequence.” the victim’s husband said.