Thursday, 02 July 2020

Maungdaw, Arakan State: U Sein Aung, the Village Administration Officer of Oh-Daung village under the Maungdaw south by using devious means against his anti-group, extorting money and makes Rohingya villagers in terrified position recently, said one of the villagers who was released after paying money. 

“On May 1, said village administrator U Sein Aung killed a villager of Oh-Daung named Sayedur Rahman (37), son of Moktar Ahmed through his pro-local villagers namely Karim Mullah, Rashidullah, Hashim Ullah, Hashim and Abdu Shukur. They all belong to Oh-Daung village and the supporters of U Sein Aung.  There are two groups in the village, one group supports to U Sein Maung, the present village administration officer and the second group supports to ex-village chairman.  Therefore, each group tries to press other group whenever they get chance.”

Sayedur Rahman was U Sein Aung’s close agent and was also killed by U Seing Maung’s supporters to bottle up the opposition group led by ex-village chairman,  said a local elder from the village preferring not to be named. 

“After killing Sayedur Rahman, U Sein Aung accused nearly 20 innocent villagers in the murder case and arrested 7 villagers by police of Maungdaw Town. However, they were released after paying Kyat 500,000 to one million per each. Those who are not able to pay the money have been going into hiding after the incident. Even, their family members are not sleeping in their homes as every night; police from Maungdaw went to the village and try to arrest them.”

Sayedur Rahman was abducted from his house, at about 2:00 pm, and was brought to nearby a hill where he was killed by slitting. He has left his 4 children and his wife, said a close relative of the victim. 

U Sein Aung, the village admin officer is a Natala villager, originally from Sittwe who was settled Oh-daung north village. The Natala village has about 150 households.

This policy pushes Rohingya villagers into poverty line because they have to pay money to the concerned authority after selling their possessions such as --- gold ornaments or land to others with throwing price. Some villagers have to flee or hiding to avoid arrest and torture of concerned authorities, said a schoolteacher from the locality.

U Sein Aung makes this village into damage, destabilized the Rpohingya villagers, extorted money, and will compel the villagers to flee the village. This is the latest policy against the Rohingya community using by the concerned author, said a local youth.

Last two months ago, in Buthidaung Township, such kind of chaos made by army in two villages. Army from Ngakin Tauk battalion committed robbery in Zedon and Ngaran chaung villages, but some innocent villagers were accused in the robbery and arrested till now, 10 villagers are in Buthidaung jail.  It was clear that the robbery were committed by army, said an elder.