Thursday, 02 July 2020

Kutupalong, Bangladesh: Infuriated Rohingya refugee clashed with the camp committee members where one person died and four people injured in the clash on May 17 at about 9:00pm, said a refugee elder from the camp.

“The infuriated Rohingya refugees were mistakenly killed Nazmul Haque (70) – the father of Rakib Ullah, the secretary general of camp committee- blocked the refugee while the infuriated refugee attacked his son. The refugees and the committee members- chairman Abu Siddique and Rakib Ullah- were clashed while committee members were harassing and extorting the poor refugee in the camp.”

“While the committee members and refugee clashed, the refugee nearby rushed to the spot, but, the committee member run away from the crowd refugee to their own huts and supporters.”

The angry refugee chased the committee members where Rakib Ullah’s family had come out and the father Nazmul Haque had tried to block the angry refugee to save his son, but, the refugee didn’t able to control the dagger which entered to Nazmul – stand between refugee and Rakib- and then the other family enter to the clash to protect Nazmul and Rakib where they injured, said a refugee who was eyewitness for the clash.

The injured person are - Abu Siddique (28),Nur Asha(28),Monoara Begum(22) and Rehana Akhter are being hospitalized at Cox’s Bazar sarder hospital.

The police arrested four refugee - Md. Habibullah (25),Md.Rafique(22),Saifur Rahman(30) and Salamat Khan(50)- with suspension. But, Salamat Khan said the four arrestees are innocence and the real killers are now staying outside, according to a religious teacher from the camp.

“Rakib pointed these people as killers to take revenge because these people are not supporting the committee. He will also make allegation with a list of innocence people who are not support to him.”

The camp committee was established with the help of concerned authority by taking huge money from them. The committee started harassment and extortion money from refugee to cover their spent money, said an old woman from the camp who is a victim of the committee. ”It is like Burma, where the village administrator officer is harassing and extorting with together Burmese authority.”

The committee is working every kind of criminal activities – robbery, drug trafficking, attacked the female at night, extortion and harassments- in the camp. But, some activities are unknown as we have no evidence. May be to cover their money while they are in power as committee, said an elder from the camp.

“The refugees are not accepting the new formed camp committee and opposed the committee. But, the committees are using power of concerned authority where they had given huge money for this committee post.”