Thursday, 02 July 2020

Teknaf, Bangladesh: An afflicted with several diseases of registered Rohingya refugee died on the way to Cox’s Bazar on May 27 after being deprived of proper treatment, said a refugee from the camp on condition of anonymity.

The deceased has been identified Moggul Hussain (55) Block-D, shed No. 746/1 of Nayapara refugee camp.

Moggul was suffering from multiple diseases like entire body pain and ulcers accompanied with fever over the last one month, according to his family.

“He always visited to the Nayapara clinic for treatment, but Dr. Moubin, the Medical Team Leader neglected the patient.”

“When the patient’s condition became serious on May 26, about 9:00pm, and admitted to the health centre of Nayapara refugee camp, till midnight.”

Seeing the serious condition of the patient, he was referred to Cox’s Bazar government hospital at about 3:00 am.

But, the patient died when reached to Cox’s Bazar government hospital at about 5:00 am, Salim said who went with patient.

However, Salim’s dead father- Moggul- was brought again to the Nayapara camp by ambulance.

The dead body was buried in the refugee cemetery

“We don’t get proper treatment at Nayapara Clinic, and doctors don’t pay any attention to the refugee patients. All the doctors, including Dr. Moubin, the Medical Team Leader (MTL), rebuke the patients when refugees frequently visit to clinic with different types of diseases,”  according to refugees from the camp.

“We urge to the Camp-in-charge, UNHCR and RRRC to give a good Medical Team Leader, we don’t want Dr. Moubin as he neglects the refugee patients.”