Thursday, 02 July 2020

Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh: The Cox’s Bazar government hospital staffs –word guards- beat a refugee while the refugee was trying to bring patient cart by on duty doctor ordered on May 27 about 5;00am, according to Salim, a refugee who tried to admit his serious ill father.

Salim, the victim of hospital staff

“Salim, a refugee from Nayapare Rohingya refugee camp had tried to save his serious ill father, met on duty doctor of Cox’s Bazar government hospital with references document of camp clinic to get admission in the hospital at early morning of May 27.”

“The doctor checked the ill refugee where doctor identified the ill refugee was already died, but the doctor ordered the Salim, the refugee to bring a patient cart from fourth floor.”

“When I try to bring a patient cart from four floors, unexpectedly some word guards had come out and asked money and mu mobile. When I refused to pay their demand, they started to beat me with iron rods until I ran out from fourth floor to first floor. At first floor, I was also beaten by word guards of the floor for money. During this period, I was seriously injured.”

Salim, who was beaten by hospital staff

It is a systematic plan to rob from the patient attendants with the name of admission, in hospital the patient carts are available in the emergency word and no need to collect by patient attendants, said a NGO worker who always visit the hospital to help the patient.

“The on duty doctor knew that the patient was died, why he sent the patient attendant to bring the cart from fourth floors. The meaning is the hospital staffs are trying to rob the patients who come early morning or midnight.” 

At last movement, the refugee dead body was not admitted at hospital.

Salim including his family members complained to the Camp-in-charge regarding the matter. But, Kamrual Zamman, the Camp-in-charge informed the UNHCR and RRRC office. The Camp-in-charge has been trying to take action against culprits with the cooperation of UNHCR and RRRC. But, the investigation is going on, said an aide of camp authority.

“We fled to Bangladesh from Burma for persecution, but here we face the same. Where are our rights and dignity?” said an elder refugee from the camp.