Sunday, 09 August 2020

August 2006

Teknaf, Bangladesh: A speeding jeep skidded off the road and fell into a ditch injuring 28 Rohingya refugees and six local people in Teknaf on August 9. The accident occurred at 7 p.m. in Karantali near the Dum Dum Mea makeshift camp in Cox’s Bazaar district, according to officials. Read more: Thirty four injured in Teknaf road accident
Teknaf, Bangladesh: A smuggler was arrested by the police with 1,900 birth control injections on August 6, while it was being smuggled from a transit point in Teknaf to Burma, according to officials. Read more: Smuggler arrested
Maugdaw, Bangladesh: A Rohingya was arrested by Nasaka, Burma’s border security force while he was crossing the Burma-Bangladesh border. Read more: Rohingya arrested on Burma-Bangladesh border
Maugdaw, Burma: Children are being afflicted by malaria in Arakan State, Burma, according to our sources.  Read more: Children suffer from malaria in Arakan State
Dhaka, Bangladesh: Finance Minister Ram Sharan Mahat arrived in the Indian capital August 8, to participate in the 9th BIMSTEC ministerial conference which, among other things, is expected to finalize the date for the enforcement of a free trade agreement between the seven member states of South and South East Asia, according to an official report. Read more: BIMSTEC ministerial meet expected to endorse free trade agreement