Friday, 14 August 2020

Maungdaw, Burma: Fifteen Rohingyas were arrested and held by police at the Maundaw police station on charges of stealing electric wires.  Some electric wires were stolen by unknown persons from Myoma Kanyin Tan (Siddar Para), Maungdaw Town on August 16, said chairman of Development Council (VPDC). Early next morning, a group of policemen went to Myoma Kanyin Tan to investigate and asked villagers and concerned authorities if they knew who were involved, he added. Following the investigations, the police did not find any involvement of the villagers, but they suspected 15 Rohingyas and arrested and took them to the police station in Maungdaw, said an elite of the village. Some of those arrested were Shafi Ullah (60) son of Hossain, Abul Fayas (40) son of Mohammed Jalil, Mohammed Hanif (30) son of Mohammed Jalil, Ziabul Hoque (25) son of Nurul Hoque, Azu Meah (20) son of Monu Meah, Sayed Kasim (35) son of Kamal among others, he added.   At the police station, they were interrogated for a week but the police could not find proof of them having stolen the electric wires.  After a week, they were set free after the police at the Maundaw police station of Arakan took Kyat 120,000 bribe per head, said a relative of those arrested.