Friday, 14 August 2020

Buthidaung, Arakan State: Accusing a Rohingya youth of rape the Nasaka, Burma’s border security force extorted money from him in Arakan State.  The victim Hussain Ahmed (20) son of Mohamed Tayub hails from “Kwe Wine Kat” village in Buthidaung Township, Arakan, said a relative of the victim.  According to villagers, Nasaka personnel, from camp No. 21 in “Phone Nyo Hlake village” Sector No. 9 in Buthidaung Township was trying to extract money from the youth for a long time because he was from a rich family. The Nasaka was trying to file a fabricated case against him because that is the only way the security force knows of extracting money from the Rohingya community. Accordingly on August 3, a section of Nasaka from camp No, 21 went to the victim’s home and arrested him at 4 p.m. on the allegation of rape He was then brought to the Nasaka camp and detained. The next day in the Nasaka camp, Tayaba Khatun (18) daughter of Sayed Akber of the same village met the victim Hussain Ahmed. She accused him of having an illicit relationship with her for a long time. She said this in front of the Nasaka personnel and his parents. The surprised victim told his parents that he had been famed in a planned manner.   According to his relatives, the entire thing was masterminded by Nasaka with Tayaba Khatun to harass and extort money from the family. The Nasaka also threatened to jail him if he did not pay up. Out of fear the victim’s family paid Kyat 200,000 to the Nasaka and freed Hussain Ahmed on August 5.  According to villagers, the SPDS (the State Peace and Development Council) authorities are always trying to extort money from Rohingyas by making false accusations and fabricated cases, particularly in northern Arakan.