Friday, 14 August 2020

Buthidaung, Arakan State: A wedding ceremony in Arakan State was raided by the police though it was permitted by the concerned authorities after taking a bribe.  On August 6, Shuha (28) son of Hussain Ahmed hailing from Soparang Village in Buthidaung Township held a wedding ceremony in his house with the permission of the authorities. He invited his relatives and villagers to have food and solemnize the occasion. The bridegroom was also playing music and songs through a loud speaker to entertain the guests, said a village head requesting anonymity.  At about 5:30 p.m. a group of policemen from Buthidaung town went to the bridegroom’s house and attacked the invitees asking who gave permission for using loudspeaker in the wedding ceremony. The police arrested about 50 people and beat them up severely even as the ceremony was on. The police also threw away the dishes prepared for the guests. The rest of the disappointed invitees returned home without food. The wedding ceremony was disrupted and the participants including women and children ran away for fear of further police harassment. According to villagers, in the past, police allowed villagers to use song and music through a loudspeaker in wedding ceremonies. “We don’t understand why the police suddenly forbid us from using loudspeaker for song and music.”  Another villager, not wanting to be named, said,” It is nothing but harassing the Rohingya people to extract money.”  The arrested people including the bridegroom were released after paying Kyat 30,000 to the police.