Thursday, 28 May 2020

Rathedaung, Burma: A Rohingya patient was fined Kyat 50,000 by Nasaka, Burma’s border security force. His crime was that he went to Bangladesh for treatment.
The patient Kala Meah (27) is the son of Ali Meah from Prine Daw of Rathedaung Township in Arakan State, Burma, said a relative of the patient.
On August 1, Kala Meah took permission from the concerned authorities to go to Maungdaw for treatment of an ulcer as doctors in Rathedaung hospital were unable to help him recover. He was treated for 15 days, he added.
Unable to have his ulcer treated even in Maungdaw he went to Bangladesh.
In Bangladesh he was treated at the medical college hospital of Chittagong where he received more medical facilities and had to pay less money given the help he received from a doctor of the Chittagong medical fraternity.
Following the treatment, he returned to Burma on August 12 and reached his village on August 14.
On August 15, the Nasaka received information that he had gone to Bangladesh for treatment. A section of Nasaka personnel went to his house and arrested him. He was taken to their camp and fined Kyat 50,000. He was spared torture by Nasaka because he was weak.
He was set free after he gave the fine --- an euphemism for bribe.