Rathedaung,Burma: In what seems to be a systematic attempt at persecuting a section of the people the Nasaka, Burma’s border security force has been destroying religious buildings of the Rohingya Muslim community in Rathedaung Township, Arakan State in since the beginning of August.     The Nasaka destroyed 13 Mosques, four Madrassas (Arabic School), 18 Moqtobs (basic Arabi schools) and three Hafez Khanas (Qur’an memorizing centre) in Rathedaung Township, said a religious leader in Rathedaung township on condition of anonymity. The Nasaka and the army have been compiling lists of Mosques, Madrassas, Moqtabs and Hafez Khanas in northern Arakan, after the arrival of the new Western Command Commander in Arakan. The Nasaka and the army are also checking family lists of the Rohingya people. If they find guests and travellers who have not taken permission from the concerned authorities, they are being arrested and fined or sent to jail. They are also collecting lists of religious buildings and have been alleging that the buildings are illegal because it had been constructed without necessary documents.  The  destroyed religious buildings in Rathedaung Townships are: two Mosques, one Madrassa, five Moktabs and one Hafez Khana in Thabray Taw village, five Mosques, one Madrassa in Phet Leik village, one Mosque, one Madrassa, one Moktab, one Hafez Khana in Thinga Net village, one mosque, one Madrassa, one Moktab and one Hafez Khana in Pyein Taw (Pryin Daung), one mosque and two Moqtabs in Shweip Pyin village, one Mosque and two Moqtabs in Atet Nan Yar  village, one Mosque and fibve Moqtabs in Auk Nan Yar  village and one Mosque and two Moqtabs in Sin Oo Pyin village. The Nasaka also damaged one Mosque in Whykong village in Bawli Bazar, Maungdaw Township on August 9, said a trader from Bawli Bazar.