Monday, 25 May 2020

Maungdaw, Arakan state:  Two mothers were arrested by Hluntin from their houses in Maugdaw on September 24, night because of their two sons went to nearby river for fishing, according to a close relative of the victims.

“The victims were identified as --- Momina Khatoon,40; wife of Mohamed Sayed, and Somoda Khatun,26; wife of Mohamed Korim, both of them hailed from Nari Bill (Kyauk Pyin Seik) village under the  area No.6 of Maungdaw Township.”
Both of their husbands are living in abroad, so the Hluntin knows that they will get money from these female, if the female get any problem or have been threatened by the authority, the relative more added.
A group of Hluntin went to the said village from their camp and entered the houses of Momina Khatun and Somoda Khatun on September 24, at around 10:00pm and queried where their sons were.  The two mothers replied that their sons went to river for fishing with a small fishing net, a neighbor said on condition of anonymity.  
“As a result, two mothers were arrested and brought to the Hluntin camp where they were detained.”
However, in the next morning, they were released after paying Kyat 100,000 per each to the Hluntin officer by their sons, the neighbor added.
A Rohingya leader from inside Arakan said, “It is a deliberate action against the Rohingya community to extort money.”
When asked a Hluntin aide, he confirmed the event.
A local elder said preferring not to be named that how long we will survive in this situation; there is no one to save us from the hell!