Tuesday, 26 May 2020

Buthidaung, Arakan State:  A Rohingya prisoner died in Buthidaung jail on 20 September at around 11: 00 pm. He was severely tortured and got various kinds of diseases, said a close relative of the victim.

“The victim was identified as--- Mohamed Yunus, 64; son of Quilla Meah, hailed from Nurullah para (village) of Baggona village tract of Maungdaw Township.”
He is an old age, and was not involved any anti-government activity. But, he was arrested by the security force illegally, said a local elder from the village.  
He was arrested on July 6, 2012 over the allegation that he had been involved in the violence of 2012. At that time, the security forces ----army, Nasaka, Hluntin and police arbitrarily arrested many Rohingya villagers including young boys. After arrest, they were severely tortured, some were killed, and the rest were sent to Buthidaung jail, according to sources from different NGOs.  

The condition of Rohingyas prisoners in Buthidaung jail is terrible. They are tortured and kept in a bad, small, unhygienic place. They are lack of food, medicine, clothes and clean drinking water, said a jail visitor who denied to be named.
The prisoners were tortured on the way to court from the jail by the local Rakhine villagers. The police brought the prisoners to the court by car after crossing the Rakhie villages. When the car reached at the village of Rakhines, police stop the car, and the Rakhine villagers dragged the prisoners from the car and tortured severely on the road. After that they (prisoners) were brought to the court, said a relative of a prisoner who once visited the jail to see his relative.