Monday, 25 May 2020

Maungdaw, Arakan State: Five brothers of a family have been arrested by police of Kayin Chaung police out-post on September 11, of them one was killed in police custody, said a close relative of the victims. 

“The arrested brothers had been identified as-----Shom Moluk,44; Noor Hashim,42; Mohamed Hashim,35; Mohamed Amin and Mohamed Salim,27.  All are sons of Abu Taher, hailed from Oo Shaikya (Borashidar Para) village of Maungdaw Township.”
Regarding the matter, on September 10, at about 1:00 am, a house of one Iqbal,52; hailed from Ngan Chaung, area No.5 of Maungdaw north was robbed by a group of Rakhine armed group. They took away cash and gold ornaments from the house. So the house owner Iqbal went to nearby police station and logged a file about the robbery, the relative more added.
As a result, the police arrested the said five brothers on suspicion of that they had involved in the robbery. The brothers were engaged in business with some Rakhines who separated for misunderstanding. So these Rakhines, without knowing anything regarding the robbery, were backbiting to the police that the fiver brothers were involved in the robbery to revenge the previous enmity, said a  neighbor who denied to be named.
Police also know that accusation was not true, but they arrested them because they would get money from them because of their richness and also wanted to eliminate the Rohingya community from Arakan soil, said an ex-police aide.
After arrest, they were brought to the police camp where they were severely tortured and one of brothers named Mohamed Amin was dead in police custody on September 12, at around 3:00 AM.  The dead body was sent to Maungdaw general hospital, after postmortem, the dead body was not returned to the victim’s relatives. So his wife and father went to Maungdaw and buried the body there, the aide said.
The rest four brothers have been detained in Maungdaw police station without getting any clue that they had involved in the said robbery. They are innocent, they are businessmen. It is very strange how they became robbers, said a local businessman.
Earlier, in Maungdaw and Buthidaung Township--- the former Nasaka or Hluntin or army and Rakhine armed groups committed robbery against the Rohingya families who were rich, a Rohingya youth said preferring not to be named.
“Committed robbery by Rakhine armed group against the Rohingya family, innocent Rohingya villagers are arrested and killing them in police custody is a great human rights violation against the Rohingya community,” said a Rohingya community leader from inside Arakan on condition of anonymity.
A community elder said, “It is not a small matter; this kind of persecution against the Rohnya community is going on. From one family, five members (brothers), have been arrested, one has already killed. So, this is a small scale ethnic cleansing. Why the world community is quite silent