Tuesday, 26 May 2020

Maungdaw, Arakan State: Police including Hluntin (riot police) extorted money from villagers in Maungdaw north in illegal way on September 21, a close friend of one of the victims said on condition of anonymity. 

“The victims are identified as--- Mohamed Amin ,20; son of Mohamed Hussain, Faisal 23; son of Mohamed Khorim, and Mohamed Khaled 25; son of Mohamed Ali. They all belong to Wuf Pyin village of Powet Chaung village Tract of Maungdaw Township.”
On that day, at about 9:00pm, a group of police and Hluntin from Powet Chaung Natala village out-post camp went to the said village and entered the Video room owned by said three young men. After entering the room, they arrested the aforesaid three Video room owners without finding any fault against them, the friend more added.  
However, they were leased later after taking Kyat 65,000 per each, said a close relative of the victims.  
According to villagers, the owners got permission from the concerned authority, and monthly, they have to pay money to them.
When asked a police aide, in place of police because of communication difficulties, he gave confirmation of the event.
This is a deliberate action against the video owners and there is no law in northern Arakan. The higher authorities also do not take any action against the law breakers and keep quite silent or mum when the plaintiffs appraised the matter, said a village elder who did not mention his name.