Monday, 25 May 2020

Teknaf, Bangladesh: Bangladesh Border Guard (BGB) seized 360 bottles of foreign beer along with two small boats from the Naff River yesterday early morning while being smuggled to Bangladesh from Burma, said a businessman named Baker from Teknaf.

“On information, a team of BGB went to the Naff River and seized the said beer bottles after conducting operation.”
BGB seized the beer bottles, but can’t able to arrest the smugglers on September 29, said Zakaria , the Commanding  officer of Teknaf BGB out post under Teknaf BGB Battalion 42.

The operation was led by the Operation Commander Shamsul Alam of BGB, the commander Zakaria said.
According to official source, the seized boats along with beers were handed over to the Custom officer of Teknaf.
The source also said that different kinds of drugs including Yaba have been smuggled to Bangladesh from Burma.
According to different sources, thousands of Yaba tablets had been seized along the Burma-Bangladesh border areas, Cox’s Bazar, Chittagong and even in Dhaka. Regarding the smuggling of drugs including Yaba, many smugglers had been arrested and were sent to jail.  
Though the concerned authorities—BGB, RAB (Rapid Action Battalion) and police have been trying to curb the smuggling of drugs and Yaba from Burma to Bangladesh, the flows of drugs and Yaba  have not been stopped, Hakim, a trader from Chittagon said.