Tuesday, 26 May 2020

Maungdaw, Arakan State:  One minor girl was killed and another boy was seriously wounded by a Rakhine motorcyclist today morning while he was going to Inn Din village from Maungdaw Town, a close relative of the victims said on condition of anonymity for security reason. 

“The victims are identifies as—Hamida,10; and Mohamed Siddique,12;daughter and son of Maulana Hamid, hailed from Gawra Khali village under the Police area No. 7 of Police No.4 Battalion Headquarters of Maungdaw Township.

The Nasaka Headquarters is renamed recently as the “No.4 Battalion of Police”.  
The victims were watching the rice, which was washed by water after keeping it in the sun, beside the road. This rice will be made into powder to make Nanpya (flat bread) in the coming annual Muslim Festival (Qurbani).  The motorcyclist deliberately attacked them and wounded seriously while there was no other cars. After attacking the both of the victims, the motorcyclist tried to run away from the spot, but he was caught by Rohingya villagers and handed over to Oo Daung police check-post of Maungdaw south, a local businessman said who denied to be named.
However, the culprit was sent to the No.4 Battalion of Police headquarters from the check-post immediately. The parents of the victims did not know whether the concerned authority took action against the culprit or not, the local businessman added.  
But, one of the victims Hamida was dead at around 6:00 pm today. Regarding this, the close relatives of the victims went to the police outpost camp and informed them, but they did not say anything to the relatives. The condition of the remaining victim is also very serious and taking treatment from local doctor (Dr. Quacks). Police did not arrange for treatment of the victim in government hospital, according to another relative.
According to a village elder named Hussain (not real name) said, “It is a deliberate attack to the minor children. Rakhine community wants to create another mutiny between Rakhines and Rohingyas.”
The activities of Rakhine community against the Rohingya community will not be changed until and unless the policy of government on Rohingya community is not changed, said a community leader Hakim (not real name) from inside Arakan.
The Rakhine community is very cruel on Rohingya community and other Muslims, because they killed a 94-year-old Kaman Muslim woman while they attacked a village in Sandoway Township, recently. In similar way, today, the Rakhine motorcyclist deliberately killed one kid and wounded a boy seriously, is intolerable for Rohingya community, he more added.   
When asked the Maungdaw police station, regarding the event, but did not get any response.