Tuesday, 26 May 2020

Burma has agreed to sign two bilateral agreements with Bangladesh to enhance security cooperation with particular emphasis on border security, officials of the Bangladesh foreign ministry said on 2 September.

A Bangladeshi Foreign Ministry spokesman said: “Two memorandums of understanding (MoUs) on Security Dialogue and Cooperation; and Land Border Cooperation are ready to be signed by the two neighbors."

According to Bangladeshi officials the Bangladesh side also put a proposal forward to Burma that the two countries sign a 'Framework Agreement on Trust and Cooperation for Development.'

The Bangladeshi Foreign Secretary, Shahidul Haque said: "We have taken different initiatives to advance the relationship with Myanmar. Myanmar is responding positively to these initiatives.

"Bangladesh has been talking about the MoU on Security Dialogue and Cooperation for a long time, but there was never a positive response from Myanmar.

“Myanmar has recently agreed to sign the instrument to enable both sides to initiate a dialogue to detect and address various issues."

Bangladeshi officials said that when Burma proposed a MoU on Land Border Cooperation Bangladesh agreed to it. They said that they expect both MoUs to be signed at a ministerial level after the November elections in Burma.

The Bangladeshi officials said that under the MoU on Security Dialogue and Cooperation both sides will meet at least once a year to discuss a variety of issues which will include: defence cooperation, border security management, unauthorised border crossings, human traffickin