Thursday, 28 May 2020

Maungdaw district admin officer – U Khin Maung Lwin- forced Kyauk Hlai Khar village tract market owner to pay him 23 million kyat for permission to  re-build the market into concrete on October 4, said an officer from the office who denied to be named.

Hamid- the owner of Kyauk Hlai Khar village tract market under area number 6 -  paid 3 million kyat to district admin officer U Khin Maung Lwin for permission to rebuild the market from bamboo and thatch  to concrete and tin on August,2015, the officer more added.

Hamid also explained about rebuilding the market for fear of fire in coming dry season, the officer more added.
Maungdaw revenue and tax office, municipal and other area security force were grant the permission to rebuild the market to protect from set on fire, said Hamid.

But, the district admin officer again asking Hamid to pay him 30 million again for permission, said Hamid.

The authority forced to rebuild the market into concrete, where 50 shops are available in the market in the area number 6. When apply for permission, the officers asking huge money for permission, said Kalu Meah, a ex-village headman from Maungdaw north.

Any Rohingya, who try to repair their houses after hit the cyclone Koman, the Maungdaw district and Township admin officers are asking money for repairing houses. The village admin officer had to report who is repairing the house to district and township admin office, then they are asking money from Rohingya villagers, Kalu more added.