Thursday, 28 May 2020

November 2006

Dhaka: Bangladesh will be unable to sign the United Nations-sponsored Trans-Asian Railway Network agreement as the communications ministry failed to send the proposal to the cabinet of the immediate past government for approval, according to an official report.

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Buthidaung, Burma: A Rohingya was fined Kyat 90,000 by Nasaka Burma ’s border security force for buying a cow from a nearby village.

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Buthidaung, Burma: Fifty Chakma families from the hill side of Northern Arakan, were settled on land belonging to the Rohnigya community by Nasaka, Burma’s border security force in Arakan State, Burma.

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Buthidaung, Burma : The Nasaka, Burma ’s border security force burgled a home of a Rohingya at mid night on October 17. They took away valuables from the house.

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Maungdaw, Burma :   Burma ’s border security forces Nasaka has imposed fresh restrictions on carrying rice from one place to another place in some areas in Arakan State , according to a teacher from Maungdaw.

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